EPPCO Lubricants Brief

EPPCO Lubricants, a joint venture between ENOC – a Dubai Government conglomerate (51% owned) and Chevron the fourth largest publicly held oil company in the world, markets ENOC & Caltex branded lubricants and greases in the UAE, providing top quality lubrication products and services to various industries ranging from the automotive to industrial, manufacturing and marine businesses.

Lubricants are manufactured at an ENOC owned fully equipped state-of-the-art facility in Fujairah, with a capacity of 200 KMT. The facility is certified to ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. An ISO 17025:2005 certified laboratory drives quality control and after-sales programmes that require analytical studies. The products are manufactured with continuous upgrades to meet and exceed the latest industry specification and OEM approvals, in line with its status as the preferred lubricants technology partner for some of the main car dealerships in the UAE.

EPPCO Lubricants is also well recognized as the market leader in developing state of the art automotive services centers under the ENOC Super Lube Brand and the Caltex Xpress Lube Brand, with the largest network of its kind in the UAE


EPPCO Lubricant (EL) is a division of EPPCO Project LLC which is a joint venture company between ENOC International Sales LLC (EISL) (51%) and CALTEX Trading (49%)


To support the high quality products, EPPCO Lubricants has an extensive technical back up services available for its discerning customers:

Used oil analysis:

EPPCO used oil analysis service is the most advanced service of its kind in the region. By utilising second level diagnosis, it is able to focus on possible detrimental conditions existing in the equipment under test, giving more accurate and pertinent information to the maintenance staff and thereby shortening the loop between analysis and corrective action.

Lubrication surveys:

In order to ensure that our clients always have the right lubricants in the right place in the right quantity at the right time, ENOC technical carries out a thorough survey of the client’s operation and makes the recommendations for lubrication based upon this and the manufacturer’s own recommendations.

Trouble shooting:

With our solid failure investigation experience, we offer assistance to our clients pertaining to the matter of determining the cause of failures and breakdowns. It’s not just finding out what has failed that is important, but rather what caused it and ensuring that it does not reoccur.

Maintenance planning:

Again, due to our extensive experience in this area, we are able to offer assistance to our clients in setting up appropriate maintenance procedures and planning.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience to the benefit of our clients and to this end we offer a range of training programs.

Product Range

EPPCO Lubricants markets a full range of Lubricants in bulk, drums and small packages that are ideally suited to automotive, industrial, marine and other specialised industries.

  • Engine Oils (Mineral and synthetic)
  • Gear Box & Differential Oils
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Enclosed Gear Oils
  • Open Gear Lubricants (Greases)
  • Turbine Oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Refrigeration Compressor oils
  • Circulating Oils
  • Electrical Insulating Oils (Transformer Oils)
  • Greases (Normal and Complex)
  • Speciaity Products
  • Other Industrial Products